Robust data import pipeline

  • handling geometry, materials, lighting and animation
  • Native support for Autodesk 3DSmax, Newtek Lightwave 3d, Autodesk Maya
  • Automatic shader generation, matching native surface/materials definitions
  • Flexible data conversion system, easily allowing support for new data formats or features

Integrated lighting support

  • Builtin stand-alone 'offline' lighting engine, allowing global illumination computations
  • Script driven light baking processor, helps creating realistic lighting data, ranging from standard lightmaps to irradiance volumes
  • Flexible rendering system, allowing realtime lighting where needed


Interactive 3d rendering

  • OpenGL 2 / 3 pipeline
  • Native support of realtime scene compositing
  • Alternative optimized render paths for ATI or NVidia platforms
  • Flexible rendering system allowing alternative rendering platforms, such as PC clusters, stereographics projections, hemispherical screens, etc.

Application integration

  • Fully scriptable using the Python language
  • Standalone or embeddable in external applications, controled in Javascript, ActionScript, CSharp, etc.
  • Media integration : standard and custom video formats, spatial sound, web documents, etc.

And also all the traditional features such as gouraud shading, collision detection, particles, special effects, spherical harmonics, megatexturing, screen space ambient occlusion, ...

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